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Welcome to Zhan Lab

Our mission is to advance medical research through cutting-edge data science models and computationally efficient software tools.

Dr. Xiaowei Zhan

Associate Professor of the Quantitative Biomedical Research Center in the Department of Population and Data Sciences at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Before joining UT Southwestern, Dr. Zhan was a doctoral student in the Center of Statistical Genetics in Department of Biostatistics at the University of Michigan, a master student in the Mathematics and Statistics program at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, and a bachelor student in the department of automation at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

Dr. Zhan’s group focuses on statistical genetics and statistical computations. We use bioinformatics and statistical approaches to address emerging medical questions. Since 2014, our group has published more than 50 papers in human medical genetics, human microbiome, and antibiotic resistance research. For example, our group has developed Bayesian statistical models to analyze microbiome data from cancer immune checkpoint therapy patients and derived microbial biomarkers in a prediction model. All our research is accompanied with easy-to-use and efficient software package to facilitate both internal and external research communities. Please visit the publication page for more details.

Research Interest

Human genetics

We use statistical genetics to study human complex trait diseases. This includes genetic association studies accompanied with efficient analysis software packages.


Human microbiome include good and bad bacteria living with us. We develop a series of quantitative approach to study them, mainly in the context of cancer immune checkpoint therapy patients and microbial biomarkers research.

Antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance is global health threat. We utilize the cutting-edge sequencing technology and machine algorithms. With close collaboraiton wtih clinicians, we have been developing diagnosis tools to tackle this threat.

Deep learning

In the theme of solving biomedical problems, we extensively developed deep learning models to solve domain-specific questions.


We develop scientific software for the broad research communities.


Low-coverage genotype calling using Hidden Markov-chain Model (HMM) [Developing]

Selected Publications

For a complete list of publication, please visit PubMed

Our Team

My lab members includes doctoral students, staff members, and adminitration support members. We shared resources with the Quantitative Biomedical Research Center. We also collaborate closely within UT Southwestern campus and worldwide. We are active in seeking potential doctoral students, post-docs, and staff members

Jiwoong Kim

Computational Biologist

Shuheng Gan

Computational Biologist

Suzette Palmer

Doctoral Student

Sen Yang

Doctoral Student

Yiqing Wang


Shuang Jiang




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