Central Regulation of Hepatic Metabolism (CROHM)


At UT Southwestern Medical Center, we have assembled a multi-disciplinary and inter-departmental team of clinical and basic science investigators with diverse skills and expertise to evaluate the impact of altering the activity of the vagus nerve on hepatic metabolic pathways.

We hypothesize that manipulation of the activity of the vagus nerve holds the potential to improve glycemic control by directly altering hepatic metabolism. It is our goal to translate these insights into improved neuromodulatory therapies for the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

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Project 1

To generate a three-dimensional map of the vagal innervation of the liver in lean mice.

Project 2

To determine if altering the activity of vagal neurons in lean and obese mice directly affects hepatic insulin sensitivity, lipogenesis, glucose production, and substrates fluxes.

Project 3

To determine the acute effects of vagal blockade on hepatic metabolic pathways in obese humans.